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Each day begins with all school prayer over our PA system.  Included in our intentions are the daily Mass intentions of the parish, the intentions of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, the parishioners of our parish, the alumni of our school, the Angel Donors who support our tuition assistance program, as well as the intentions in our school prayer book.  Homerooms pray before lunch and at the end of the day.

Faith Families were introduced to SRW in 2014 as part of our Accreditation Process.  The goal is to help students of all grade levels to develop relationships based on kindness and compassion.  Each family consists of students in kindergarten through grade eight, with our oldest students taking the role of “parents.”  Faith Families activities take place once each month and eighth graders lead the younger students throughout the building to the different activities.  Students see their “Faith Family Buddies” in passing throughout the school and always acknowledge the special relationship that has developed.

Liturgical Seasons are celebrated with special programming.  Music and reflective prayers are added to the daily routine during Advent and Lent.  In addition, all day School Retreats take place on the last day before Christmas and Easter vacations.