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    A Letter from the Executive Principal






    Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, and Prospective Families,

    Welcome to the Ss. Robert and William Catholic School website! Ss. Robert and William Catholic School is the best choice a parent can make to prepare their child academically and spiritually for today’s world. Pastor, Father John Betters, the faculty, the parents, and the students of Ss. Robert and William Catholic School want to share with you just how special our school is. After viewing the information we have provided on this website, it is our sincere hope that you will take that next step toward enrolling your child at Ss. Robert and William Catholic School. Act today to place your child in the hands of faith at Ss. Robert and William Catholic School.

    I speak first hand, having begun my Catholic education in this school building. My journey in life, learning, and love began when I entered Saint William School as a first grader many years ago! My experience as a student led me from Saint William School to Regina High School and Ursuline College. My faith was nurtured and my love of learning was fostered in these institutions. When I graduated from college, I was steadfast in my desire to become a teacher in a Catholic School.

    After ten years in the classroom, teaching at both the primary and junior high levels, I earned a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Ursuline College. For more than ten years, I have had the privilege of touching the lives of children beyond those in a classroom.

    It is my belief that the integration of 21st century skills: collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking, are essential for both the faculty and student body. Our teachers have grade level and content area meetings once a month, allowing them to collaborate with one another. Our unique model of departmentalization in grades one through eight enables our teachers to focus their expertise on one subject area. Since teachers will have students for a three year span, they can more readily assess their individual learning styles and adjust their lessons to accommodate student needs and achieve optimum success.

    As a life-long resident of Euclid, and a member of Saints Robert and William Catholic Parish, I am thrilled to be the principal of this cutting-edge school. I am so blessed to be home.


    Ms. Meg Cosgriff, MA, ‘79



    Letter from the Principal for Student Success


    Dear Students, Parents, Guardians, and Prospective Families,

    My own personal journey in life, learning, and love began in Catholic schools; grade school, high school, and through college. From there, I chose my life’s ministry to serve in Catholic education, spending the last thirty years as a teacher, assistant principal, and a principal. I am committed to Catholic education in Euclid, where I live and have raised my family, also all products of Catholic schools.

    It is my privilege to join the leadership team of Ss. Robert and William Catholic School. I am impressed by the dedication of the faculty and staff to provide every student with a 21st century school experience rooted in the traditions of the Catholic faith. The innovative educational model, supported by continuous professional development and research-based best practices, meets the individual learning styles of the students, empowering them to succeed in their school work.

    In my role as Principal for Student Success, I will work collaboratively with Ms. Cosgriff, to foster a school culture based on the foundation of respect between and among the faculty, staff, students, and families. I believe that the school culture must be one of high academic expectations and positive student behavior. Working together to accomplish the mission of our school; teachers, staff, administration, and parents, will ensure the academic and personal success of all Ss. Robert and William Catholic School students.

    I look forward to continuing on this extraordinary journey of living, learning, loving and lasting in this school and parish community.

    Together in Faith,

    Mrs. Martha Dodd

    Principal for Student Success

    A Letter from Father






    Welcome to the SRW Website!

    Ss. Robert & William Catholic School is a school of excellence in the 21st Century. We strive for nothing less than excellent. All that we do is centered on the Scriptures and Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church as we journey as disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Our Holy Father, Pope Francis encourages us to embrace technology and use it for the betterment of our world. In fact, he is using technology quite a bit himself with FACEBOOK and TWITTER.  I believe this website will give you the tools necessary to come to know our school community and take full advantage of all we offer.

    It is my hope, as pastor, that you find our school and parish to be a welcoming and vibrant community. I hope that you will journey with us in:
    Life…forming students to live life as disciples of Jesus in the reality of the 21st Century!

    Learning…forming students in knowledge of the Catholic Faith, Sciences, Mathematics, Language Arts, Fine Arts, & Social Sciences.

    Love…forming students in the Scripture & Tradition of the Catholic Church that will allow them
    to love God and love one another the best way they can.

    If there is anything I can do for you or your family, please call me at 216.731.1515 or email at

    God’s Blessing & Peace,
    Fr. John D Betters
    Saints Robert & William Catholic Parish