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Ohio Auxiliary Services provides funding to hire additional personnel to assist with student achievement.  Students are screened to determine if they are eligible to participate in the various areas. In addition, parent/guardian and teacher referrals are made. Once parents/guardians realize the need for their child to participate in these services, they must sign a consent form giving permission for the child to participate. If the parents/guardians do not wish the child to participate, they must sign a waiver form that is kept in the child's permanent record file stating that the parents decline the child’s participation.  The following specialists are available at SRW:

  • Counselor: Ss. Robert & William Catholic School works in conjunction with the Euclid School District for psychological testing. In addition, teachers and/or parents may refer a child for assessments, counseling, consultations, and other related services through the school counselor. Such requests may be made by contacting the principals or in writing addressed to the school counselor. 
  • Speech/Language Pathologist: The services of a Speech and Hearing Therapist are available through Auxiliary Service Funds. The therapist instructs students at Ss. Robert & William Catholic School in need of therapy after obtaining permission from the parents.
  • Remedial Math Tutor: Individual and small group instruction in math is given to those students who qualify. 
  • Remedial Reading Tutor: Individual and small group instruction in reading is given to those students who qualify. 
  • Intervention Specialist: Individual tutoring by a certified teacher is provided for children with learning disabilities on all grade levels. 
  • Licensed Nurse:  A licensed practical nurse is on site from 8:00 AM – 2:30 PM each day.
  • Student Center:  The Student Center is open on Mondays and Thursdays for students to work with tutors.  This is often used for make-up work from absences, or for a quiet environment for testing.