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Ss. Robert and William Catholic School consists of a dedicated teaching faculty. All members of the faculty hold degrees in their respective content areas, and are certified by the State of Ohio. Several faculty members hold advanced degrees in various subjects. In addition, each teacher is certified by the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland in religious instruction. Additional teaching assistance is provided by teacher aides in the preschool through fourth grade classes. The school also has teachers in art, foreign language (Latin and Spanish), music, and physical education. Each teacher strives to teach and act consistently with the philosophy, goals, and policies of the Diocese of Cleveland and Ss. Robert and William School.

All employees and volunteers who have contact with students undergo thorough screening, including background checks through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation & Identification (BCI&I). For complete information on screening policies, see the revised Policy for the Safety of Children in Matters of Sexual Abuse, section 1.2 (p. 3).


  Name Title Group Contact
Kim Adkins Adkins, Kim Intervention Specialist Staff
Colleen Angelo Angelo, Colleen Remedial/Enrichment Tutor Staff
Kristen Arko Arko, Kristen Teacher Staff
John Betters Betters, John Pastor Staff
Jennifer Boehmer Boehmer, Jennifer Teacher Staff
Angela Casey Casey, Angela Administrative Assistant Staff
Kathleen Chamberlin Chamberlin, Kathleen Director of Technology Staff
Linda Checovich Checovich, Linda Teacher Staff
Patty Cooper Cooper, Patty Teacher Staff
Meg Cosgriff Cosgriff, Meg Co-Principal Staff
Mary Beth Cox Cox, Mary Beth Teacher Staff
Sheila Coyne Coyne, Sheila Teacher Aide Staff
Stephanie Cyrus Cyrus, Stephanie Teacher Staff
Mary Ellen Darrah Darrah, Mary Ellen Teacher Staff
Tracy Davis Davis, Tracy Gifted Resource Teacher Staff
Mark Dean Dean, Mark Teacher Staff
Martha Dodd Dodd, Martha Co-Principal Staff
Kayla Drinkwater Drinkwater, Kayla Teacher Aide Staff
Kelly Drinkwater Drinkwater, Kelly Teacher Staff
Carissa Duda Duda, Carissa Teacher Staff
Christine Forgenie Forgenie, Christine Staff
Patrice Garuckas Garuckas, Patrice Teacher Staff
Laura Grudzinski Grudzinski, Laura Teacher Staff
Kristen Harkey Harkey, Kristen Teacher Staff
Terese Hurley Hurley, Terese Teacher Staff
Nora Joyce Joyce, Nora Teacher Staff
Roberta Kozar Kozar, Roberta Teacher Staff
Donica Loparo Loparo, Donica Tutor Staff
Daniel MacGregor MacGregor, Daniel Teacher Staff
Eleanor McClusky McClusky, Eleanor Teacher Staff
Gayle Milo Milo, Gayle Secretary Staff
Joyce Oberle Oberle, Joyce Teacher Aide Staff
Karol Pfeifer Pfeifer, Karol Teacher Staff
Patti Pfriem Pfriem, Patti Teacher Staff
Alan Plevelich Plevelich, Alan Cafeteria Mang. Staff
Diane Radachy Radachy, Diane Teacher Staff 731-306-0___
Ann Marie Raddell Raddell, Ann Marie Teacher Staff
Nathan Raddell Raddell, Nathan Director of Communications Staff
Andrea Ralph Ralph, Andrea Teacher Staff
Carole Walker Walker, Carole Nurse Staff
Beth Warneka Warneka, Beth Teacher Staff
Kristen Whelan Whelan, Kristen Staff
Scott Williams Williams, Scott Staff
Lisa Woodcock Woodcock, Lisa Remedial/Enrichment Tutor Staff