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Holiday Cash Winners

Congratulations to this year's Holiday Cash Winners!

Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving Day - $500): Claire Thielman sold by Sherry Rapinski
Friday, November 25 ($50): Dan Dekleva sold by Dan Dekleva
Saturday, November 26 ($50): Denise Cook sold by Montana Cook
Sunday, November 27 ($50):  Emily Savage sold by Nolan Savage
Monday, November 28 ($50): Pete Vannarath sold by Carter Sanders
Tuesday, November 29 ($50): Ariel Hayes sold by Hayes Family
Wednesday, November 30 ($50): Jackie Pemberton sold by John Paul Smith
Thursday, December 1 ($50): Kim Berliner sold by Addy Stanoch
Friday, December 2 ($50): Donna Deaver sold by Cummings Family
Saturday, December 3 ($50): Arthur Scott sold by Marguerite Scott
Sunday, December 4 ($50): Dominique Tucker sold by Mila Tucker
Monday, December 5 ($50): Sandy Medan 
Tuesday, December 6 ($50): Dan Kever sold by Angela Casey
Wednesday, December 7 ($50): Jacob and Ashley Raddell sold by Isaac Raddell
Thursday, December 8 ($50): Tiffany M. Darby sold by Darby Family
Friday, December 9 ($50): Tasha Adler sold by Savanah Adler
Saturday, December 10 ($50): Shannon Jerse sold by Holody girls
Sunday, December 11 ($50): Dominique Tucker sold by Mila Tucker
Monday, December 12 ($50): Meredith Wise sold by Lily Wise
Tuesday, December 13 ($50): Sandi Bambic sold by Dominik Glynn
Wednesday, December 14 ($50): Brian Schuman sold by Ava Hunter
Thursday, December 15 ($50): Justine Vorgan sold by self
Friday, December 16 ($50): Al and Judy Proboski sold by Xavier Proboski
Saturday, December 17 ($50): Tasha Adler sold by Savanah Adler
Sunday, December 18 ($50): Beth Vencl sold by Liam and Regan Julian
Monday, December 19 ($50): Lyrik Golphin sold by Moriah Green
Tuesday, December 20 ($50): Jamie Clark sold by Clark Family
Wednesday, December 21 ($50): Carol Radachy sold by Barb Cvelbar
Thursday, December 22 ($50): Reginald Jones sold by Ariana Muscatello
Friday, December 23 ($50): Adrian Hollingsworth sold by Ben Minchack
Saturday, December 24 ($50): Richard Rypinski sold by Sherry Rypinski
Sunday, December 25 ($500): Judy Schmidt sold by Dick S.
Monday, December 26 ($50): Ellen Mihalich sold by Barb Cvelbar
Tuesday, December 27 ($50): M. Levan sold by M. Levan
Wednesday, December 28 ($50): Lucinda Pavis sold by Ann Pavis
Thursday, December 29 ($50): Megan Dzomba sold by Antonio Lucarelli
Friday, December 30 ($50): Jessica Shrewsbury sold by Michael Feritto
Saturday, December 31 ($50): Lindsey McMillan sold by Christina McMillan
Sunday, January 1 ($500): Sean Ward sold by Bridget Ward
Monday, January 2 ($50): Thyeis Halley sold by Z'aire Davis