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Holiday Cash Winners

Congratulations to this year's Holiday Cash Winners!

Thursday, November 25 (Thanksgiving Day - $500): Crystal Torres sold by Leiyah Johnson
Friday, November 26 ($50): John Moore sold by Molly Byrne
Saturday, November 27 ($50): Dominic Zinghini sold by Sophia Zinghini
Sunday, November 28 ($50): Janette Reidthaler sold by Kristiana Bogner
Monday, November 29 ($50): Ron Zdrojewski sold by Klara Stergar
Tuesday, November 30 ($50): Barbara Zingale in memory of Jim Mason sold by Zingale family
Wednesday, December 1 ($50): Susie Harmon sold by Lee Jackson
Thursday, December 2 ($50): Karen Laurienzo sold by Amelia Wichert
Friday, December 3 ($50): Sandra Rodriguez sold by Brian Pitts Jr.
Saturday, December 4 ($50): Nicole Calhoun sold by Wesley, Avery and Lucy Walker
Sunday, December 5 ($50): Mike and Katie Glynn sold by Mikayla Glynn
Monday, December 6 ($50): Denise Proboski sold by Xavier Proboski
Tuesday, December 7 ($50): Amber Dalto sold by Carmella and Isabella Dalto
Wednesday, December 8 ($50): John and Meagan Manning sold by David Manning
Thursday, December 9 ($50): Dominique DeCorpo sold by Ruby Pate
Friday, December 10 ($50): Colleen Kuhn sold by Joseph Fergus
Saturday, December 11 ($50): Eleanor and Ronald Cerbus sold by Debbi Katanik
Sunday, December 12 ($50): Patterson sold by Bacchus Family
Monday, December 13 ($50): Taylor Borcziak sold by Scarlett Bissell
Tuesday, December 14 ($50): Daeton Johnson sold by self
Wednesday, December 15 ($50): Deb Iorio sold by Kat Chamberlin
Thursday, December 16 ($50): Dave Haas sold by Kylie Phillips-Haas and Ricky Gazella
Friday, December 17 ($50): Chiquita Griffin sold by Saani Lloyd
Saturday, December 18 ($50): Chris Murphy sold by McKenna Murphy
Sunday, December 19 ($50): Amber Dalto sold by Carmella and Isabella Dalto
Monday, December 20 ($50): Laura Gorsche sold by Jaiden Owens
Tuesday, December 21 ($50): Vickie Zak sold by Ruby Pate
Wednesday, December 22 ($50): Mark and Tina Clark sold by Mattelyn Barner
Thursday, December 23 ($50): Francis Young sold by Alex Smyers
Friday, December 24 ($50): Thomas Repicky sold by Gabriel Brokamp
Saturday, December 25 ($500): Glennile Manning sold by Savanah Adler
Sunday, December 26 ($50): The Nykiel Family sold by Kevin Conwell, Jr.
Monday, December 27 ($50): Chris Murphy sold by McKenna Murphy
Tuesday, December 28 ($50): LeVantya Pond sold by Brielle Pond
Wednesday, December 29 ($50): TW Stembridge by Sterling Stembridge
Thursday, December 30 ($50): James Peet sold by Alex Smyers
Friday, December 31 ($50): Petrice Stewart sold by Karter Rudolph
Saturday, January 1 ($500): Mimi Darty sold by Monica Gregory
Sunday, January 2 ($50): Allison Vogel sold by Wesley, Avery, and Lucy Walker
Monday, January 3 ($50): Jonisha Ivory sold by Jaxson Morrow
Tuesday, January 4 ($50): Loyal Burke sold by CJ Burke
Wednesday, January 5 ($50): SSFLR Sisters sold by Rich Smith
Thursday, January 6 ($50): Don Harley sold by Kat Chamberlin
Friday, January 7 ($50): Wayne Ingham sold by Joe Dorsey
Saturday, January 8 ($50): Terri Owens sold by Sydney Edwards
Sunday, January 9 ($50): Robert and Eileen Reed sold by Mary Reed
Monday, January 10 ($50): Laura Gorshe sold by Jaiden Owens
Tuesday, January 11 ($50): Cynthia Carroll sold by Zayden Alabsi
Wednesday, January 12 ($50): Matt Thompson sold by Alex Smyers
Thursday, January 13 ($50): Tenisha Gaines sold by Riley Gaines