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Holiday Cash Winners

Congratulations to this year's Holiday Cash Winners!

Thursday, November 26 (Thanksgiving Day - $500): LaTania Mullins sold by Alyssa Mullins
Friday, November 27 ($50): Camille Eberlin sold by Kennedy Gugliotta
Saturday, November 28 ($50): Michael Sedlak sold by Emily Raddell
Sunday, November 29 ($50): Anthony Jones, Sr. sold by Jaylah Jones
Monday, November 30 ($50): Becky Conway sold by Gallo Family
Tuesday, December 1 ($50): Tony Miklich sold by Oriani Triplets
Wednesday, December 2 ($50): Deb and Jim Basalla sold by Cadence Hinojosa
Thursday, December 3 ($50): Lamar and LaToya Cook sold by Kailah Cook
Friday, December 4 ($50): Laura Pankuch sold by Cameron Baker
Saturday, December 5 ($50): Bill Vogel sold by self
Sunday, December 6 ($50): Erin Julian sold by Regan Julian
Monday, December 7 ($50): Brandon Delk sold by Kynslie Wilson
Tuesday, December 8 ($50): Jeffrey Pesek sold by Ava Pesek
Wednesday, December 9 ($50): Rob Critic sold by McKenna Murphy
Thursday, December 10 ($50): Dennis Sedlka sold by self
Friday, December 11 ($50): Becky Conway sold by Gallo Family
Saturday, December 12 ($50): Carey Bray sold by Samuel Bray
Sunday, December 13 ($50): Aaron Smith sold by Alexandria Smith
Monday, December 14 ($50): C. Moore sold by Leeland James
Tuesday, December 15 ($50): Gerry Sustarsic sold by Sustarsic Family
Wednesday, December 16 ($50):  Alicia Bryant sold by Addy Stanoch
Thursday, December 17 ($50): Sandy Bambic sold by John Leone
Friday, December 18 ($50): John Stankiewicz sold by Scheider Family
Saturday, December 19 ($50): Marilyn Pokorny sold by self
Sunday, December 20 ($50): Jim Hufnagle sold by Sustarsic Family
Monday, December 21 ($50): Rose Leppelmeier sold by Luci Leppelmeier
Tuesday, December 22 ($50): Earl Stovall sold by Bruce Hipps, Jr.
Wednesday, December 23 ($50):  Loyal Burke sold by C. J. Burke
Thursday, December 24 ($50): Thomas Bogo sold by Jeff Bogo
Friday, December 25 (Christmas Day - $500): David Varga sold by Varga Family
Saturday, December 26 ($50): Peter Travalik sold by Stella Travalik
Sunday, December 27 ($50): Maggie Stehlik sold by Lucy Walker
Monday, December 28 ($50): Dennis Kotmel sold by Bruce Hipps, Jr.
Tuesday, December 29 ($50): Faye Jones sold by Sasha Head
Wednesday, December 30 ($50):  Sheri Eberhard sold by Kolin Kibler
Thursday, December 31 ($50): Nick Thompson sold by Alex Smyers
Friday, January 1 (New Year's Day - $500): Justin Damm sold by Alex Smyers
Saturday, January 2 ($50): Maryanne Travalik sold by Konieczka Family
Sunday, January 3 ($50): LaToya Cook and Lamar Cook sold by Kailah Cook
Monday, January 4 ($50): Melissa and Rick Nowak sold by Zuzu Ilcin
Tuesday, January 5 ($50): Dominic Zinghini sold by Isabella Zinghini
Wednesday, January 6 ($50):  Eileen Chase sold by self
Thursday, January 7 ($50): Bobby Bray sold by Sam Bray
Friday, January 8 ($50): Bernard Novotney, Sr. sold by self
Saturday, January 9 ($50): Kenyatta Wiggins sold by Emmanuel Hardin
Sunday, January 10 ($50): Ivan Begovic sold by Christopher Felts
Monday, January 11 ($50): Barbara Russell sold by self
Tuesday, January 12 ($50): Nick Pfahl sold by Dana Pfahl
Wednesday, January 13 ($50):  Alicia Bryant sold by Addy Stanoch
Thursday, January 14 ($50): Ken Brately sold by self